I am trying to implement a Zenworks Imaging server. I am very familiar
with the Symantec Ghost software but unfortunately am very new to Novell
Zenworks Imaging product.

Currently, I have a Netware 6.5 box running Zenwork Imaging 7.0.1. My
DHCP runs on a Netware server that is separate from my Zenworks server. I
am trying to image PCs using the PXE interface. However, everytime I boot
to PXE, I receive a "PXE-E53 NO BOOT FILENAME RECEIVED". In addition, I
have also configured the workstation in Console One to create an image of
the PC on the next boot

Do I need to install any software onto the PCs in order for the PXE boot
to work?

Any ideas as to why this is erroring out?

Thanks in advance.

Also, here's my PDHCP.INI file if that helps any.

# The Preboot client will contact the server on this IP address to check
# imaging work.

# The PXE/Preboot client will contact the server on this IP address to
# download the Preboot client (dinic.sys) and the Imaging engine if
# imaging work is required.

# If set the Proxy DHCP server will try to bind to this IP address on the
# server.
# The IP address set must be a valid IP address on the server.
# This setting can be used to force the PDHCP server to respond on only
# interface on a multihomed server.

# Should the Proxy DHCP server listen on the dhcp port 67