Could you help me to get success my iFolder setup on NetWare 6.5 with SP7, pls?

I have been testing iFolder 2.1 on NW6.5 wiht SP7 but it is unable to logon to iFolder Management page, https://jk-nds1/iFolderServer/Admin, with the error message, Your previous login failed!.

This is new install NW6.5 with SP7 and I am using admin account to logon to iFolder Management.
I am using NW6.5 CDROMs that includes SP7 already, so I never do update from older version to SP7. The CDROMs are native NW65 with SP7.

So, I enabled dstrace on ldap, and the result is following.

BIO ctrl called with unknown cmd 7
Failed to authenticate local on connection 0x9b16a180, err = failed authentication (-669)
BIO ctrl called with unknown cmd 7

It seems it is just an authentication failure but I do not think the username, admin, and its password is wrong because it has been working fine on other services.

So, I checked "httpd_ifolder_nw.conf" file to make sure the Admin account for iFolder, and it shows "iFolderAdminName admin".
So, Admin is correct, and "LdapLoginDnContext "O=Users"" is also correct.

Furthermore, "Require TLS for all operations" is unticked on LDAP Server object.
Moreover, "Require TLS for Simple Binds with Password" is also unticked on LDAP Server Group object.

I installed NW65 with SP7 from the scratch twice but still no luck.

Furthermore, it is unable to access to iFolder section under iManager 2.7, which can be designed for SLES.
Am I right?