Hello all,
I am having an issue that I remember having about 4-5 years ago with HP
machines, but I can not for the life of me remember the solution. I have a
ZCM 10 server, and I am trying to push up the factory image of this new HP
TC4400 tablet laptop. It gets to about the 75% range and drops to the bash
prompt showing segmentation fault. I have tried this several times, same
result. Different network cables and ports, same issue. Now, I remember a
few years back having this same issue, and we were told that it was because
a filename was too long or something to that effect, and we had to open up
the image with something like BartPE and go in and delete the offending HP
file and then it would image. I remember this being something related to HP
and I want to say it was a file containing info about the particular PC. I
just don't recall where to look or what to look for. Anyone have this issue
or recall what I need to do? Tis is the latest ZCM 10 server, and boot cd.


Matthew Pierce
Lead MicroComputer/Lan Administrator
Infomation Management Service - Physical Plant

Texas A&M University

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