I am currently scoping a project relating to a recent merger of 2
organizations. Org A has several legacy content management systems (as
well as standalone filesystems) in place for storing their documents and
some meta-data. The majority of these are built on NetWare or Groupwise.
As a result of the merger, the content/data will be migrated into the
existing content management system at Org B, based on EMC's Documentum

A COTS product is being acquired and customized to handle the import of
the migrated content/data into Documentum.

What tools/add-ons/development framework is available from Novell and/or
its partners to capture the Novell-based access rights or ACLs on each
document such that it could be stored in an intermediary data file or
database and then be sourced by the custom import program?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!