I have Zen 7 Asset Inventory (7.00.0050 SP1 Interim Release 14) installed
on a W2K3 standard SP2 server.

I was getting inventory from my test clients until a couple of weeks ago.
I discovered this because I rolled out the lights out install of the
client to the rest of my workstations (about 450) last night and none of
them showed up in the web console.

Now on my clients (old and new), with Diagnostics on, I get "failed to get
WIF path" in the colw32.log on all my clients. This is the only error
that I can find anywhere.

I have verified that the inventory
service is running.

I have captured packets on both client and server and
verified that there is traffic to and from 7460 and 7461 as expected.

My catalog.ini file on the clients is empty and there is not a current
..wif file in the InboxCC folder.

What am I doing wrong?