We have one server, that consistently yields an
error when one of our Help Desk folks (or myself)
try to go from managing a printer in iPrint in
iManager 2.7. This has been tested with IE and
FireFox, and the common ground is any printer that
is served on the one NW6.5 SP7 fileserver, which
has the root partion for the tree (eDir,
holds the print broker and is the SLPDA.

If we select a printer from one of the other 3 servers
that have a print manager & printers, NRM is launched

The link attempted in the browser for the above
mentioned server is along the lines of:


Where any of the servers that work start with something
similar, but quickly switch to the URL form of:


PKIdiag and SDIDIAG come up 0 errors/no problems for
all involved servers. DSREPAIR unattended repair
just to be sure eDirectory was clean (all 0 errs).
Checking config differences, I found the server that
we get this error with was the only one with tcp nagle
algorithm still set to ON; set this OFF which made no
difference in this case.

iPrint plugin version

Is this a problem with the first server? Where should
I look next?