Activating pool "HQCLISG"...

Jan 25, 2008 7:03:12 am NSS<COMN>-3.26-689: comnPool.c[407]

Could not change pool HQCLISG to the ACTIVE state.

Status=20896 comnPool.c[849].

Use 'NSS /ErrorCode=20896' to obtain more information.

CLUSTER-<WARNING>-<10264>: CRM: Error executing load script for HQCLISG

failed on command line 3 "mount HQISG VOLID=243"

CLUSTER-<INFO>-<211>: WSASetService() failed, error = -1, 10109

Pool HQCLISG is already in the DEACTIVE state.

It works on some of the cluster nodes but not the newly added nodes...
Any ideas on to fix it?