I recently added a NW 6.5.7 server into the tree, BATS-NW2.
its been a month, and everything is fine.

Unfortunately, i just realized that i can NOT connect to this server via
From the DOS command prompt of a working workstation, i Normally enter:
-For the 'Connection Type', i choose: "SPX".
Then, in the "Available Servers" List, i expect to see all the Netware
servers (IPX & TCP/IP) in the list and then connect to it.

I Do see all of the earlier servers though.
But i dont see BATS-NW2.

Let me mention that this is the first time i added a server into this
Existing Tree. So i there's a chance i missing something.
it looks like i have to get BATS-NW2 to be registered or discovered

Can anyone shed any insight?
thank you as always!