In our firm all of the CAD project data is kept in project folders at the
following location:

\\srv1\cad\projects (eg on Netware 6.5sp7 named SRV1, in the CAD volume,
under the Projects folder)

This folder is mapped to our users workstations as the R drive. One of the
project folders is up to 50G in size and holds several thousand files. The
project is pushing the capacity of my file server's available disk space.
I'm also going to need to rsync the contents of that folder with a server at
a remote site office.

Within CAD files, other files are attached using paths mapped to this R
drive, so moving the files to a different location and using a different
drive mapping letter could prove a considerable problem. We'd have to remap
file paths within thousands of drawing files.

Using DFS should I be able to do the following:
1) Add another server to my network, naming it SRV2, and configuring it with
a CAD volume and a Projects folder
2) Move all the files in the problem folder \\SRV1\CAD\Projects\Problem to
3) Create a link so that when a user goes to My computer on his desktop and
accesses the R drive, he sees all folders, including the ones in the
relocated \Problem folder. eg. he'll see

\bSmall Proj2
\Small Proj4


What happens if this user accesses his R drive using NetStorage. Would it
too list all the Cad project folders as part of the R drive?

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.