I currently have a problem with a bundle that I create for install. I
used admin studio to repackage this application and the deployment went
fine. The thing is that when I try to uninstall it, it goes through all
this process and in the end, I get a error 1306: Another application has
exclusive access to the file c:windowsWindowsUpdate.log. Please shut down
all other applications, then click Retry.

I've done some research towards this error and found out that it is used
by either windows update or some other running task. I research under
macrovision's website and they recommend to exclude the windowsupdate.log
from the application, but it is kind of late. I have figured out that if
I kill the msiexec.exe task, it will go ahead and uninstall the
application. The thing is that I don't know how to perform something like
this. Where I can send for the uninstall and within 30-40 seconds, kill
the task in order for the uninstall to complete. I would appreciate any
comments towards this problem.