OK, I read my last post and it doesn't makes sense to me and therefore I
assume it doesn't make sense to anyone else. Here is the short and sweet
(sorta). If I have workstations that were updated to 10.0.2 but not
10.0.1 will they be a problem next system update? Basically they show all
the modules at 10.0.0 except the inventory which is at 10.0.2. I gather
there is no way to get the 10.0.2 pre-agents/agents from the downloaded
update either. It appears that the agent downloads residing on the
primary host are still 10.0.0. if I go out to the "zenworks-setup page"
How do I acquire the latest agents to make available to workstations and
to update my previously mentioned workstations that reflect more than one
update (see above).