We have a small partner firm who's asked for our advice regarding their Novell server.

They currently have a 3-year old NetWare Small Business Server 6.5, which was originally purchased with a 10-user license. At some point in the dim and distant past (and apparently without their knowledge), the IT firm who was "helping" them set everything up put a CLA 'unlimited' license on the server. The firm has since grown to 25+ users, the IT company has gone bust, and the boss of the firm now want to sleep easily at night and make themselves legal.

Now obviously SBS has been retired and OWS is the replacement. However, they don't really want to upgrade to OES Linux; their NetWare server has been running fine for 3 years, they have a backup solution in place that works etc. They don't have the time, money, resources or desire to do a migration right now.

If they were to purchase sufficient OWS licenses, does this cover them for "prior versions" of OES (including NetWare), even though NetWare isn't shipped as part of the product?