I'm running ZCM 10.0.2 with Win XP 4.9.1 sp4 clients. I'm running into a
situation similar to the one outlined in TID2945657 from 1999.

My machines are in a public lab environment. My DLU policy works fine if
the user logs in and out gracefully. However, if the machine crashes or
power is cut, the dynamic user is not cleaned up. In previous version of
Zenworks, I have selected the "Manage existing account" option as
recommended, and this has worked fine. However,in ZCM 10, the "Manage
Existing Account" option is selected, but the user cannot log in (after
workstation crash). They are instead presented with a local Windows logon
dialog. If I log in as local admin and delete the DLU manually, users can
then log in again. I need to regain the old functionality.

Thanks for your assistance.

Nathan Broome