I try to test imageing function, and use an ASUS eeePC as target
But I load boot files from ZCM tftp server, it show some messages below..
You passed an undefined mode number.
Press <RETURN> to see video modes available, <SPACE> to continue or wait
30 secs

Video adapter: VESA VGA
0 0F00 80x25
1 0F01 80x50
2 0F02 80x43
3 0F03 80x28
4 0F05 80x30
5 0F06 80x34
6 0F07 80x60

Enter mode number or "scan":


I try to some number or scan or <SPACE> button , but it show other
messages below

"Could not find the ZENworks Installation Source. Activating manual setup

I try to use VmWare workstation , it work fine.......
Is the reason of the condition is the undefined VGA module ??