We are using iprint 4.32 and having problem with some applikation ex Logger Pro is a program for schools. we are using windows xp sp2 with all patches. Our novell client is 4.91 with sp 4.

Here is what happen:
When I install a printer as default from our servers page for installing printers the printer will get an address like this IPP://******

Everything is working fine when our laptop is in school. and they get address from dhcp scope

But when they get home and get a ip-address from there provider. Starting up some off the software it can take up to several minutes before the program is ready. If I then take there home printers as default printer, everything is fine.

I think it as something to do with some program trying to contact the default printer. In my example it is on a local network and that's impossible. so the program is waiting for a timeout.

I have not had this problem before, it has work fine with some of the old laptops, also with Iprint 4.32.

Can I change anything in iprint to fix this problem ?
Is it ms patch there is missing ?
Or should I remove a MS patch

any Help ??

Jan Boje