Hi, I am scratching my head about how this interacts.

Installed two new servers, one NW6.5.7 and one OES2, both run imanager 2.7.
I found out that OES can manage the Iprint Client Management but nothing
else from my existing iprint running on NW6.5.6. So I created a new driver
store on OES and a new Manager, then created a printer for a test, added a
driver and assigned to to me with Client Management. The printer will not
push down to Windows XP.
I also see that the Netware imanagers can not see the OES Driver Store nor
the OES Manager, but again Iprint Client Management on both platforms can
see each other.
What is the cause of the new printer on OES not being delivered do you
think? I am very new to OES so I am probably missing something simple.
All workstations are WinXPsp2 and have at least iPrint client 4.30, but I
also tried 4.32 with no difference seen.