I've just installed the iFolder 3.6 OES2 client (downloaded from
www.ifolder.com) on my Vista box at home. It recognized my existing 3.2
iFolder and synchronized to my OES 1 server fine. I wanted to try the
iFolder 3.6 client to see if resolved the shutdown problems with the 3.2
client (not that I minded the shutdown errors much, but a customer was
complaining about them on their system).

Having determined that it seems to work fine, the questions are:

1) Is iFolder 3.6 client *SUPPOSED* to work with 3.2 server? ie, is this

2) If it's not supported, but just happens to work, does anyone know any
reason I SHOULDN'T use it this way? ie, sure it appears to work now, but
later on my files will be corrupted, my house will burn down and my kids
will grow extra arms?