Have a recent new NW 6.5 server SP5. In December Arcserve was showing a throughput of 800KB/sec to an HP LTO3 drive. Now its down to 185KB/sec and the backup job has become ridiculously long. Backups of remote servers on the same system still run around 600-800KB/sec.

Using Arcserves testnlm shows a raw disk read of about 3mb/sec which fits with the new slow speed.

If I look at the disk throughput satistics in remote manager I can see peak throughput was about 60MB/sec a month ago, and now it's down to about 7MB/sec.

The system is an IBM X3400 with 4GB RAM and 4 hardware mirrored SATA 250GB drives with 2 NSS volumes of abput 230GB. Total data is around 100GB in 350,000 files. All I've done so far is purge all the deleted files (there were more than 200,000) but this had no impact. Incidentally when the performance was great there was about 50GB of data in 200,000 files.

Has anyone got any suggestions as to what I should look at?