I'm currently studying for my Novell so I apologize if this seems like an easy issue.

I been having weird problem the last couple of days with some Novell clients and I'm not sure were the problems could be.

I been having users saying they can't log onto the network because there password or username is wrong. When I try to logon with my username/password I get the same results. I can see the tree, my context will change when I enter in different username but when I enter the password it come back with an error to check your username and password. So far this has happen not on every workstation just random throughout the building.

Now, if I click workstation only, and log on using the red N it works fine. Any suggestions why I could log on when I select workstation only but not from the original Novell screen.

We are using the latest service pack for the Novell client

Thanks for your help