My employer never updated their processes to provision NDPS printers
beyond the stage where we all used NWAdmin to administer NDPS.

This means that all of our desktop users, who are running XP, are
running drivers out of the various brokers' W2K databases because
NWAdmin's NDPS utilities don't know about XP.

Obviously I'd love to update things here, and have started by using
iManager and loading XP drivers in for the new printers.

I have a few questions:

1. If I provide an XP printer driver for a printer where the XP desktop
already has installed the W2K driver, does NDPS automatically pick up
the new XP driver and replace the current "W2K" driver? I can imagine
adding XP drivers to the Brokers, and modifying each printer object so
that it now has an XP driver as well as the current W2K driver, only to
have an entire office suddenly install a new driver at the next reboot
(and the corresponding calls to support).

2. Is there a way to run a report on the version of the drivers on each
broker? Part of what is missing here is some sort of control over
versioning, and it's anyone's guess what versions are actually being used.

3. Is there a way to do a bulk transfer from a W2K driver store in a
broker to the XP driver store? And, is there a way to copy (replicate)
a complete driver store to the various brokers?


Tim Wohlford