I have been a big fan of Novell products and still rate Netware 6.5 very highly as a file server, e-directory puts AD to shame and Groupwise 7 has comparable functionality and is a much more stable and easily manageable product than Exchange.

I now operate in the small business market and was pleased to see the release of OWSSB. However my attempt to install under VMWare (server v 1.0.4) on a W2003 box failed straight away as the machine hangs a few lines after starting hardware detection. I get the statement "Driver update: Service Pack 3" and the CAPS lock and SCROLL Lock keys flash on the keyboard. Server CPU is at 100%. At first I thought it's downloading a support pack but there is no sign of that ending. Anybody any ideas?

I hope this product isn't the dud other comments in this forum suggest.