Greetings to all. If I am in the wrong forum, please redirect me accordingly. I'm currently working on a large file migration project in which my team is moving huge amounts of data from a Novell environment to a Windows 2003 server environment.

As part of the migration team, our job is to delete all the migrated data from the Novell servers after we have moved it to the Windows side.

To perform all our work, we remote into a Windows server that has the Novell Client installed on it.

We have tried everything we can think of to delete the large shares on the Novell servers, and we're coming up empty. We have been running several command lines to attempt the deletion, but we are coming up against "access denied" and then having to drill down sometimes several levels in Windows Explorer (or Novell remote Manager) and manually remove "Delete Inhibit" from files and folders.

Obviously this is a huge problem as we're up against a deadline and the amounts of data are enormous.

Does anyone know how we can delete large amounts of data and bypass the "Delete Inhibit" attribute on the Novell side?

One of the problems is that one of the business rules is we have to retain the data on the Novell side for 2 weeks before we delete it.