This is being reposted from the install/upgrade forum b/c I received no
responses, hoping I"ll do better here....

I have an admin on campus who recently applied sp7 to his NW 6.5 server
which is primarily used as an Apache web server. He is reporting that
users who attach to his secured sites are being asked to re-authenticate
after 5 or 10 minutes of use and usually have to shutdown and restart
their browser to re-connect. It sounds like a cookie timeout issue but
having no particular web-server expertise I'm not sure where to point
him. Was there a change made to the default apache configuration in SP7
that would cause this? Am I totally off base? Here is an excerpt from
his logs.

[Fri Feb 01 15:32:57 2008] [error] [client] failed to
create identity for cn=zzzz.ou=zzz.ou=Admin.o=University on server
SERVER1. err: 116 errno: 101

Any help would be much appreciated.