Here is the scenario:

I've installed a new OES2 Linux server into our existing NetWare 6.5 TREE. I followed all the steps in the Installation Guide pertaining to the creation of NSS Volumes. After the server installation was complete, I installed iFolder and began configuring it. I pointed it to the /media/nss/DATA/ifolder storage location and finalized the configuration. I also added the wwwrun rights per the doucmentation to the root of the NSS Volume (rights -f /media/nss/DATA -r rwfcem trustee wwwrun.rrr.all.tree). Everything seems to finish fine and there are no errors. When I try to login to the iFolder Adminstration I repeatedly get "Your session has been closed. Please log in.". I've tried restarting Apache and Tomcat and rebooting the server with the same result. So, I then reconfigured iFolder and tested it with the Default Storage Location (/var/simias/data) and I am able to login without any issues. Is there something that I am missing ?

Please Help!