As if I don't already have enough to do in life, my computer has gone
on strike.


Starts boot process.
Tests and recognizes all ram.
Recognizes all hardware.
Can access BIOS setup, make changes, exit and the changes "stick."
Goes all the way through POST to where Windows would start, and stops
doing anything.
Seeks CD's during initial boot, they light up.
Floppy seek was disabled, so I haven't tried that yet.
Won't boot to hard drive or CD.
No error beeps.
All fans work.

System has IDE CD drives and SATA hard drive.
Monitor works fine; tried it on a different system to make sure.

I'm thinking it's a controller of some sort on the motherboard.
Everything lights up like it's supposed to, the hard drive or the CD
just don't boot. Tried both CD's, no joy. Neither hard drive nor CD's
light up at end of POST when they should boot.

Any ideas? : )

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