Three or four years ago when I had netware 6 ,
I have inserted into my server , two disks
(one is the mirror, I have mirror software by novell, I belive that's RAID 1)
and I have created from ConsoleOne a pool (type=ZLSS)
with two volumes named :

"Vol5" with this options backup - salvage files (no compression because I had installed groupwise)
"Vol6" with this options backup - compression and salvage file

Last year I upgraded to netware 6.5 sp6 , and I was able to do this even if I'm not an expert !!

I don't remember if I have selected "Volume Quota" !!!
How can I verify this ??
How can I verify if I had selected "allow volume quota to grow to pool size" ?

IF had I selected the options above , what happen to my data of groupwise system?

I try to explain better ...

Supposing that I have selected 15GB like volume quota for "vol5" ,
but now The dimension of groupwise is increased and become 23GB ,
where are my data are stored ????
Into the "vol6" !!! is it truee!!!!

IS it dangerous???

excuse me for my english , I'm italian

thanks and regards,