Hello, I have a problem with wireless in our organization and Client32 4.91 (sp3 and 4) - When for example the PC drops to the cTRL+aTL+dEL screen 99% of the time I cannot login back in via the eDirectory, having to select Windows to get my desktop back.

When you then attempt to login to Netware you are greeted with the following message:

Internal error 0x00008891 contoured, Try Again - which of course it doesn't. The only solution is to restart the laptop which is another option on the error box.

We have mixed IP/IPX environment, with the IPX stack disabled (i.e.. the tick removed from the network stack) message still occurs. Are there any settings within the client which we can tweak to stop it dropping out?

I have also noticed that when my wireless connection drops and the reconnects the same message appears ,however whilst I loose all my Novell mappings, annoyingly the Windows ones reconnect..!!

Again, any help appreciated.

Regards, Paul.