I have now been through the install process three times with NOWS SBE SP1. The first time I went for it and tried installing nearly all the application components in one go. Not unsuprisingly I had problems, I could access the NOWS management console but not imanager. I tried again, this time without the firewall and just installing e-directory, imanager and GroupWise. These worked fine, the Groupwise install was especially painless and I could connect with a GW client and use webaccess with no trouble. Problem was I couldn't browse the e-dir tree from a workstation and so couldn't login (I have the novell client installed). I tried again from scratch this time installing DHCP and DNS first, followed by e-dir then imanager. Again I can browse and manage the directory fine through imanager but can't see it from a client workstation. I am running this install under VMWare server. If I shut down NOWS SBE and fire up a previously installed Netware 6.5 virtual machine I have no trouble browsing e-directory and can login from the same workstations that fail to see NOWS. I shal persevere for a little while longer but if anybody has any ideas as to what might be going on I'd be pleased to hear them!