- IBM x3400 server (misshipped originally with CD-ROM), DVD-RAM installed
- NOWS SBE with SP1 (downloaded ISO)

- NOWS SBE SP1 DVD image copy fails using DVD-RAM drive during YaST autoinstall process
- After YaST autoinstall finished, NOWS-SBE-SP1 DVD can be mounted, but YaST can not recognize media as the source of DVDcopy (YaST ask for eject and replace with the NOWS SBE SP1 DVD)

YaST autoinstall script do not tries to mount dvdram device before DVD copy process (e.g. /media/dvdram), only tries to mount cdrom, dvdrom, cdrecorder and dvdrecorder

replace DVD-RAM with an older DVD-ROM or DVD-RW, and YaST mounts it correctly for the DVD copy

DVD-RAM is misdiscovered as dvdrecorder by the original NOWS-SBE (no SP1), therefore YaST autoinstall script can copy source DVD using the original version of NOWS-SBE