We have been playing with ZCM in our test environment and have verified the PXE failover to our Zenworks 7 server using the configurable "Sever Referral List" in ZCM.

Unfortunately the next-server option (option 60) pushed out by our DHCP server appears to have little effect on which sever (ZCM or Zen 7) is seen first. Specifying the IP of our Zen 7 server makes little difference and it'll default to the ZCM box.

Thus far the ZCM box is first to respond to PXE broadcast requests, but it lies on the same switch as our test machines so this would be as expected.

The question is how do we ensure all machines (1200+) will PXE boot from the ZCM box? BTW... Our ZCM/Zen 7 boxes are on the same network as all of our clients machines.