From what I have been able to gather the Novell Client for Vista does not include the Netidentity component which used to pass credentials to the iPrint client. We have noted this in testing with the Vista Client (version 1.0 + Update 3) and the iPrint client (v5.0.3). Am I missing something?

The issue..

We maintain 1200+ lab machines in a university environment deploying printers via iPrint Policies and force Novell logins. We would not want to force students to authenticate once to Novell and once again for iPrint. Nor would we want students to "save their credentials" in iPrint , logout and provide "free printing" for the next user who logs in.

There is also the support issue on the staff/faculty side. Our last security audit resulted in a much more aggressive stance on using secure passwords and forcing a password change every 60 days. This being said changing your Novell Password, synching with Windows Vista, and also changing your iPrint credentials will prove "painful" for some of our faculty. I must be missing something..