Hello to everyone.....

This is my first experience with software mirroring and a failed drive with
Netware. I have a Netware 6 server with 4 18.2gb hard drives. There is no
raid controller just a scsi card. There are two pools each with one volume,
and each pool is mirrored to one of the other hard drives. This server was
built years before I started working with the company needless to say. The
error message flashes on the console that not all mirrored objects are
synchronized. The HP management log reports that one of the hard drives has
failed, I know which one it is and I have a replacement. I also know which
pool had a mirrored partition on the failed drive. In NSSMU the device is
still listed but it shows no partitions. The server has not been rebooted
since the drive failed. Both pools and volumes are available and working

So what process am I looking at here? I am hoping all I have to do is down
the server, replace the drive and then boot back up, initialize the drive,
and tell NSS to mirror the partition again? Do I need to first break the
existing mirror? I am nervous about deleting the wrong thing and nuking the
data. Thanks for your help..........