I have a NW6.5 SP server that leaks ECB's until they run out and then becomes unresponsive. When I look in NRM, healt monitor, I can see the TCPIP.NLM just allocating more and more ECB's, until it reaches maximum of 50000 where the server stops responding. The server is up and running, its just that it doesnt communicate anymore. This takes about 48 hours to happen.

I have applied most of the patches avalible except NW65SP6_CIMOM4. I have also tried 2 different network cards both with latest drivers. Broadcom with latest B57.lan and now an Intel Gigabit with E1000.lan. The server is a Dell PE2650 with latest bios.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this matter?

I have seen several others here with the same issue but never seen a real solution.