Coming from ZfD 7, we use NALWIN (i.e. Application Explorer)
extensively. I have migrated some of my applications (now bundles) from
ZfD 7 to ZCM 10, and I am trying to get them set up in a folder
structure in the new NALWIN. I have the following in ZCM ZCC under

Application Explorer (folder)
Standard Installs (bundle group) - assigned to client
Standard Utilities (bundle group) - assigned to client
Network Applications (folder)
MailAdmin (Windows Bundle - Web Application)
TeraTerm (Windows Bundle)
WebMail (Windows Bundle - Web Application)
Car Request (Windows Bundle)
Installs (folder)
Firefox (Windows Bundle)
Acrobat Reader (Windows Bundle)
Symantec (Windows Bundle)
MS Office (folder)
Office 2003 (Windows Bundle)
Office 2007 (Window Bundle)

In all of these applications' details, ZENworks Explorer Folder Path
shows "(No effective setting, will use current location)".

When I run NALWIN on a client, it shows the following:

Application Explorer (group/folder)
Installs (group/folder)
[blank] (group/folder) - this is just the 'Z' "monitor" icon
Office 2003
Office 2007
[all other "installs" bundles]
Network Applications (group/folder)
[all other "Net. App." bundles that are "Web Applications"]
[blank] (group/folder) - this is just the 'Z' "monitor" icon
Car Request
[all other "Net. App." bundles that are not "Web Apps"]

If I select "Details" view in NALWIN, I see:

Left Side: Right Side:
Application Explorer /Application Explorer/Installs
/Application Explorer/Network Applications
Installs /Application Explorer/Installs/
[blank] /[All]/Acrobat Reader
/[All]/Office 2003
Network Applications /Application Explorer/Network Applications/
etc. (all other web applications)
[blank] /[All]/TeraTerm
/[All]/Car Request
etc. (all other non-web applications)

I am not sure what is going on here. I would expect (and I want) the
applications to show up in the folder structure shown in ZCC, since that
is what it says will happen and since I haven't defined a folder path. I
don't want to define a folder path for each and every application. This
seems like a bug, but I'm not sure. Can I straighten this out somehow
short of defining a folder path for each and every application?

Also, in ZfD 7, you could hide the [All] folder that shows on the left
side of NALWIN. In ZCM 10, I cannot find a way to hide [All], plus there
is now a [System Bundles] folder. Is there a way to hide these unwanted
items, or is that on the roadmap for a new version/update?