I have NCL 2.0 on SLED 10.1 running as a VMware WS 6.0 guest. Most of the time this is working reliably even large file copies are correct.
But the novfsd daemon seems to have problems under VMware. First the Vmware vmxnet driver is unusable for novfsd (NCL) connections as you cannot copy reliably to a Novell volume files of over 100MB in size and you experience connection drops all the time. But connections to nfs and smb or cifs shares are fully reliable with the vmxnet driver.
Without the vmxnet drivers connections and file copying is reliable.

The only problem is that from time to time (in my experience it is app. every 4 hours) novfsd consumes all CPU time of the VM it is running on. During this time the VM is hardly usable as it is much slower than any snail. Of course you can not use any novell share during this event. But if you let it run for some time (from half an hour to one hour) novfsd cpu utilisation goes back to normal, all NCL shares are still there and usable and the VM works as if nothing had happened.
Is there any special routine which is run by novfsd every 4 hours or so, which could trigger this behaviour? In the gnome system monitor there are no other processes shown, which show high utilisation besides of novfsd.

W. Prindl