We have a new iFolder 3.6 server, with OES2. We're using XP and 3.6 Clients. I'm able to sync small ifolders no problem. The largest I have been able to sync has been just 60MB. Now since 7am this morning I have been trying to sync a folder 116MB, with 552 files. And its not working. Its starts OK, but after 5mins, it goes back to the start. Each time it gets a little further. And I dont know why it keeps going round the same loop. The best I ever go to was just 9 files left to sync. But now its gone back to over 500..

I now have three users with the same problem. Apart from this 116MB folder I would like to sync my main data folder which is over 1GB. I can't imagine this will ever finish.

Any thoughts why this sync is like this. I've tried changing the automatic sync to be every 200 mins, but this hasn't helped.

This is quite serious for us...

Please any help.