I had an iSCSI SAN on this server once before. The first time I seemed to have bottle neck problems when copying large files or Directory folders to it.

The Current Disk Request would go up the 1000 and just stay there. And sometimes it would cause my server to hit 100% and even start dropping clients connections.

I'm in need of more disk space and was going to move our GroupWise Mailbox to the SAN and that would give us 150 Gigs. But I'm not sure if I'll have problems running off the SAN because of the Bottle neck problems before.

I'm still running on 6.5 SP5, I have stayed with this SP because I've had no problems with it and I even have a major server with over 600 users and 400Gigs of storage that is going on 300 Days without have to reboot it.

But if going to SP7 would make a difference with the iSCSI and SAN I would do it if I could run on the SAN with the same performance as the internal SCSI drives.

Does anyone know if SP7 has better support for the iSCSI SAN, other than a newer Winsock, or anything I should be checking for to get the same performance from a iSCSI SAN as the interal SCSI Drives?