Got a guy who says a print job never came out last night and today he says a
lot of jobs are slow. He says "other people have seen this too" and that it
only started last night.

I check the printers out and they're okay. The suite is down a floor from
the server closet, connected via fiber. The switch in his suite shows no
errors at all, set to high sensitivity. The print server is in the server

I remoted via Zen to his desktop and checked his logs. It shows yesterday
several failed attempts to renew the IP via DHCP. Hmmmm.

As I go to dos to type ipconf.........Zen kicks me out. It does this
repeatedly, seemingly only when I am typing in cmd.

The kick-out is the standard GPF that I experience when remoting into a
satellite workstation when their pipe is saturated. All stations are
gigabit to the desktop here though.

Any idears? Could be just stupid printer issues, but maybe it's a network-y
kind of thing? Strange is all I'm saying.