I'm working on an iPrint rollout on a multi-site environment and have done quite a number of sites already. At this point, there were a few remote sites with winsock 10060 errors while downloading printer drivers.

I classify them generally into two sites:

1) Reasonable speeds but unreliable links: These are possibly due to network physical layer issues as mentioned in TID 10072369TID-10072369 iPrint driver download fails with Winsock 10060 error. ( 04DEC2002)

2) Slow sites: These sites are extremely slow, and the network cannot be upgraded due to multitude of reasons (business,technical,availability etc).

I am happy to let them do direct printing as long as driver installation works through iPrint. Therefore, atleast for 2), is there any setting to increase the timeout values. Are these specific to iPrint, or set by some windows default winsock setting somewhere?

Appreciate any input.