i hope i explain this right:

i have an application(s) that are not .msi`s but typical setup.exe-like with command line options.

we have a novell server in the background that "hosts" the files (network share), but due to the fact that the dynamic administrator cannot access them, and we dont want to give the user itself admin rights, we need a workaround. copying to a windows share is not an option.

how would i get this file / directory into the repository, and then install -from there-?

1. uploading an msi and then checking the checkbox "upload file and directories" is clear, but not relevant in this case.
2. choosing "simple application" (as it is) as an option doenst let me upload any files or directories
3. "install directory" from "file bundle" just copies files that i uploaded to zcm to my target device, but i dont want zcm copying zillions of files across the network to each and every client, and then installing.