First off, hello everyone.

After 8 years of doing the same job, the one and only Novell guy here at work up and left for greener pastures. I have been "promoted" to fill his spot because I took an introductory call in Novell almost 8 years ago.

I am now in charge of doing all the YES Certification now, and the previous guy left no documentation on what everything entails. Iíve read through quite a bit on the website and have actually gotten 6.5 and 5.1 through the test procedure. But, Iím having a lot of obstacles on SLES 9. Iím picking up a basic Linux book, as well as anything I can for SUSE and Novell in general. I guess my first questions are, what are good books I should pick up to learn about SUSE and Novell?

Any advice and guidance is more than welcome.