This experience is based on using the first release of NOWS-SBE (SOB?). Since I'm practicing in a virtual enviro, I'll try again with a couple of other approaches and with SP1.

I used the 7.0.1 eval version of GW to update GW on the NW 6 server. It's a limited version, but I assume those limits go away once it's over on the SBE server and licensed.

Installing GW under SBE sets up its own gwdom and gwpo with directories under /opt/novell/groupwise/db. It also starts the mta and poa against these directories. I could not connect to the GW system where those agents were running. Use the ./grpwise script in /etc/init.d to stop these agents (see chap 7 of the GW Installation Guide). The NDS objects can be deleted (remove the agents under those objects first).

The PO and domain can be moved per TIDs 3407855 & 10099947 (also found in the Installation Guide). BUT FIRST install ncpfs and dbcopy using YaST. (They are on the SBE DVD). I found a Cool Solutions article by Tay Kratzer (Cool Solutions: Connectivity from a SLES9 or OES Linux Server to a NetWare Server) helpful to get the pieces in place. He also has a utility ( that helps with setting up the mount points.

Modify copies of the mydomain.mta and mypo.poa config files (found in /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/share) as needed for your configuration.

Modify the gwha.conf file located in /etc/opt/novell/groupwise for your domain, po, etc. See Chap. 7 of the GW Installation Guide. The entries are case sensitive.

Issues I ran into:

GWIA subdirectory did not show indicating a problem with migrating the domain. Delete and recreate the MTA object under NDS (located under the domain object).

After changing gwha, the agents startup at boot up and appear to be running (browse to server.ip:port) but ./grpwise status shows "unused".

Attempt to fully migrate GWIA was unsuccessful. Deleting and recreating the GWIA did not solve the problem. I finally gave up and will try again with the next practice.