I have got a few Novell Products on my machine. some of them are running on VMPlayer( windows 2003 server) .
The products on VMPLayer are :
eDirectory 8.8
Identity Manager 3.5.1,

The products on my local machine are:
Identity Manager User Application
Novell designer.

When I create a User Provisioning driver in the Identiy Manager using iManager, the driver gets created succssfully. It comes to the running state. But I do not get the driver id and driver version( it says, "atrribute not found") in the driver's detail information. This means the driver is not in a healthy state.
My local machine is able to communicate to the VMPlayer and vice versa.

Can someone please suggest the resaon of Driver id and Driver version not coming while creating a User Provisioning Driver?

A response would be much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
Vartika Sanat