So, my guy at Novell has prepared my OWG maintenance package. I'm not sure
I want to pay, so help me out.

I get Netware/Suse, Zen, and Groupwise, right?

* But no new Netware.

* Last Zen upgrade I got I think they told us we would not get the Tolly
stuff. What's the point of maintenance?

* Groupwise 8.0

In general, .0 version are scary, right? 7.0 was a real drag, and it was an
improvement over the admittedly ugly 6.x.

In the world of false advertising, I have a TID about POP appointments not
working and it seems as though nobody gives a flying (expletive deleted).
So, like a scorned lover, why should I believe this year will be any
different? I'm asking Novell to prove that they care about me as a
customer, but I get the opposite vibe (except for when it's time to write
the check) Maybe start with making universally adopted protocols work then
I'll buy your next product?

My guys here who tested Xen say VMware is better. So what is left for me to
hang my hat on? How can I pitch this to the partners and not be lying?

I think that it might be prudent to wait until they work out their next
issues before upgrading.

Can I skip maintenance and just sign up next year?