I have the newest packages from download.opensue.org, opensuse 10.3, Gnome.

I have iFolder clients on 2 computers, two users and one shared folder.

Since (I guess ) a broken synchronization I have the following problem:

I can make changes on my local folder and this changes are sent to the
server during synchronisation. Unfortunately the second user does not see
these changes.

If I delete or add some files using the Web interface - no user can see it.

I have observed that now no file with the name like
"cff3422-838373f3ddefdee33-3737633553ddd3c3dd33cd" is sent from the server
to the clients (I tried about 100 sync)

I had previously the same problem, to correct the situation I can revert
the folders to the normal folders then delete it from server, then upload
it and synchronize. BUT it takes a long time because my folder is 2 GB

The question: is there a possibility to tell server "re-index" the
database - or something like this.