I've observed that apache eats ram on our NetWare 6.5 sp7 server until there
is no none left for the server to give. At that point the cache memory
allocator starts complaining about being out of ram and the server will
eventually need to be rebooted.

Anyone else experiencing this? Found any solution?

FYI these are our hardware and software specs:
RAM : 4GB ; 3.4GB + 0.6GB extended
NetWare : 6.5 sp7
ndpsm : 3.02.03
apache : 2.00.59

The server currently has a mere 7% fragmentation of the kernel space.
APACHE is using 477MB, but on first boot it needs only 25MB. Sure seems like
it only grabs ram and never gives it up. Of course it may not be apache per
se - it might be a module that it loads, say like ippsrvr.nlm..

Any help is much appreciated.