Not a ton of changes, but.....

#1 - we changed our minds after a suggestion on running a gully through
Mount Gilder. By moving level 1&2 (with the lowest level as 1) in from
the end and pulling level 3 out to the edge, we will have a much easier
time of creating a deep dry gully and put a tressle bridge over it.
Got 20 man hours into the change so far, nearly done. The time went
fast as we kept reengineering the design as we went.....

#2 - Started a small landscape project that will fit in one corner.
Testing techniquesfor the underlayment as well as the top level
treatments (read that as general surface and clif faces). Will test
painting techniques, Tree making, stream, pond, and water fall making.
making it modular so if it works we can just drop it in. If it looks
bad, just toss it out as beta test 1.

#3 - We have picked how to do the mining area (next to the cliffs of
insanity). Saw a pic that is perfect for the area we have. If I can
find the mag I saw it in I will post it as our goal. More trestles to

One thing we are doing for fun is injecting bits of movies we enjoyed.
Basically subtile bits that someone might get a smile from. At this
time we will be using the following films:

Princess Bride
It's a Wonderful Life
Back to the future
Office Space
Wild Hawgs

If anyone has ideas for films and a possible bit to use, feel free to
suggest here. That should make for some interesting posts.......

Timothy Leerhoff
Novell Volunteer Sysop
"Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others gargle"