I am trying to create a bundle for MS Office 2007. With Zen7 we used
setup.exe with a command line parameter of /adminfile OFFICE12OCT.MSP. Our
users do not have local admin rights and cannot install software. The
install was run with the unsecure system account running directly from the

In the Zen10 environment, I have "installed" the Office 2007 directory so
that it was sucked up into the Zen10 repository. I have also created a
launch action to run setup.exe /adminfile OFFICE12OCT.MSP. The problem is
that when the files are installed down on the local machine they lose the
subdirectory structure. I didnt see any options to change this. Am I doing
something wrong, or is copying a folder with subdirectories not possible? A
feature or a bug?

We are running Zen on Windows. The workstation is Windows Vista.

Thanks in advance, Peter