I had bought NOWS-SBE along with a new Dell $4,000.00 server when it first came out in October 2007. When I first could not get the software to load, I called Novell tech support and I was told my problem was a Dell problem and not a Novell problem. After a few days with the Dell people we both decided the Dell computer was just fine and problem was a Novell problem. About the time my 30 days of tech support was up Novell tech tells me that my new computer & hard drives is not compatable with the software and had a few options. One was buy a computer that worked with NOWS-SBE (which they could not tell me which one would. They just said buy one and see, Yea right I had already spent $4,000.00 on new fancy server that did not work) Go to Microsoft or wait until SP1 would come out some time in November.

I waited until SP1. I am able to get the program to now load. I go in the web browser and do all of they setup. All seems to go good. Now after 3 different time of loading the software I can not log into the server at the console. I tried the username of SBSadmin, root, admin and administrator with the passwork I set up in the web startup but no go. I am able to log into the web interface.

Other problem is I can not see or get acces to any files on the new server from a workstation. I have Novell6 server and all works great. I am able to look into the new server but can not see any files, create directories and such.

I downloaded OE2 and install went perfect and I as able to get access to files and all there.

What am I doing wrong?