So I see some posts that people have been somewhat successful getting
iFolder 3.6 to work with AD but have some questions for anyone who has
gotten it to work.

So when I try to modify the \var\simias\data\simias\simias.config file and
change the settings there it doesn't seem to take. So what I did with the
simias.config was:

- Change the AdminName to cn=user,ou=location,dc=domain,dc=local
- Change LdapUri to correct server. Changed from ldaps to ldap
- Change the proxy account to cn=ifolderproxy,ou=location,dc=domain,dc=local
- Added ProxyPassword value

Restarted and I still get errors about the orginial admin account in the
Simias.log file about being unable to login. However, I changed that
setting. Its so strange...

Thanks to anyone who has any ideas.